Nowrouz Meeting

يكشنبه 1 آوريل 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yesterday, Monday, I had my first meeting with Bahman in the New Year and saw him through a matt, double-glazed window. The window pane was even dirtier and more opaque than the other cabins, full of spots and smudges which appeared to have become part of the window and would not disappear, not matter how much we rubbed them with our fingers.

I had difficulty seeing Bahman’s face, and how depressing it is to go to meet someone for Nowrouz with so much enthusiasm and not be able to even see his face properly. We kept moving about, hoping we would get to see each other better for a moment through all the filth and dust that had covered the cabin’s window.

Worst of all, [Bahman’s nephew] Amir-Mahdi had also come to see Bahman, and how painful it was for the child to see his uncle’s face in that state. Since we came back from the meeting yesterday, Bahman’s kind face will not let go of me from behind the opaque window. I try to remove the image of that opaque window from my memory of Bahman. But I don’t know why I don’t succeed.

Respectable managers of Prison! How much time and money would it cost you to clean the double-glazed windows? We have been shouting to complain of this for nearly three years, but you pretend not to have heard anything.

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